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Emigrate to Spain: Swift and Secure Immigration

Dreaming of a new project in Barcelona, the vibrant city of European football and Gaudi's architecture? But feeling overwhelmed when it comes to preparing for your move? 

From immigration planning to settling down in Spain, Korean Expat Services is here to ensure your safe and speedy relocation. 

We provide customized relocation services for individuals and businesses immigrating to Spain. 

​1:1 Consultation

We provide consultations on any matter related to immigration. 

Feel free to inquire about any quesitons you may have.

Thank you for your inquiry. Our local coordinators will respond to you promptly.


Our team of local lawyers and coordinators specializes in Spanish immigration law and residency permit application.

They will take care of your visa-related tasks and provice dedicated assistance.

We collaborate with local real estate agents to find you a secure and comfortable residence as an individual.

Our local coordinators will guide you through every detail, both for renting and buying.

Our guidance on admission to renowned British or American international schools in Barcelona ensures that your children thrive academically while immersing themselves in a new language and culture during your overseas assignment.

We help make your stay a rewarding experience for the whole family.

Long-term residency in Spain requires obtaining a foreigner's identification card, which includes opening a Spanish bank account and obtaining Spanish health insurance. We provide detailed guidance on the requirements, terms, and procedures for joining local banks and insurance companies.

Business Services

KES는 대한민국 기업의 스페인 진출을 응원합니다!  

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